Hospitality Solutions

We at LLT Management are excited to extend a personal invitation for you to become acquainted with the services that our company provides. Our desire is to help meet your company’s needs and include you on our growing roster of satisfied hospitality partners. We take pride in knowing that we help to positively impact thousands of guest experiences through the task of maintaining our client’s environment.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality employees at reasonable and competitive rates that will boost the profitability of your company through human resource management. We are prepared to serve you through our wide range of services by providing full-time and temporary talent.


The first step is to identify your needs. Our commitment is to provide a quality service to you by enhancing your business and the service that you offer to your guests.

What Makes Us So Different?

LLT MANAGEMENT is determined to outlast and outperform our competitors. We understand that every decision made impacts your guest’s experience. We in turn instill in our talent that they are working to enhance what YOU do, to maintain YOUR standards and that they are an extension of YOUR company. LLT MANAGEMENT employs supervision to ensure the execution of the contract and to work with your management to ensure your standards are met. The LLT MANAGEMENT team gives prompt and trustworthy service, providing you and your guests the comfort and safety that you deserve!

Why Contract Our Services?

There are many reasons why you would want to work with LLT MANAGEMENT. Today all companies are researching and implementing ways to reduce added costs. LLT MANAGEMENT can assist you in keeping the costs low for your business. Contracting our services will give you the benefit of not having the expense of employee taxes, insurance, and other costs associated with hiring a full time employee. You will only pay for labor that is needed. LLT MANAGEMENT is also determined to keep your costs low by offering prices by the hour, week, month, or year in accordance with your system. Together we will determine your annual savings when using our services!


LLT MANAGEMENT understands that employee situations may arise with your staff and you may need immediate talent. So we will always be prepared to offer you the best solutions. You will never be short of help because we are just a call away for immediate replacement. And as an added convenience to your talent needs, LLT MANAGEMENT is always willing to substitute our talent that is not in compliance with your needs. This alone is a distinct advantage over directly hiring your own employee!


We here at LLT MANAGEMENT are committed to surpassing your expectations, but the expectations of your clients and guests as well. We look forward to the day that we become working partners with you!



The LLT Management Team